Exhibition booth and Fashion Show in Bonn 

Making of 

Fashion Show

Design: Ines Güntner

Hair: Ines Güntner

Make up: Sandra Riek

Models: Rickarda Schäffler, Sandra Riek, Steffi Eder, Jenny Güntner


Exhibition stand and Fashion Show in Bonn


In April 2011 I made my first experiences on an exhibition stand and two minor Fashion Shows.

My models should be normal like girls from next door so that everyone can see that there are no abnormal model sizes needed to look pretty in this dresses.

But unfortunaley I could not win enough girls for my Fashion Show. So I had to participate in my own show as well.

It was not one of my favourite experiences. So I realised that I should prefer to be the puppeteer pulling the threads in the background (to make the dolls play/to let the dolls perform).

Amog others the butterfly stands for the transformation of a woman.
We all know the feeling, early in the morning when we enter the bathroom and we work on our personal metamophosis before we will leave the bathroom again. A few neat details and a perfectly fitting outfit can transform everyone from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Additionally I wanted to provoke the audience in my show, pleading for more tolerance towards homo sexual relationships including marriages.


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