2nd Semester / intermediate examination

September 2014


intermediate examination

presentation 01.10.2014

task: create a concept/ a top focused on the trend

Theme(selectable)violence against women/forced wedding

examination subjects: Drapage/Fashion design/Booklet

                          Fashion illustration/4 drafts

                          technical drawing

                          editing technique

                          manufacturing technology


The Topic of violence against women or forced marriage has been on my mind for such a long time, therefore I absolutely wanted to represent the issue in my work, so I designed the "Mantel des Schweigens" ( "cloak of silence").

The white color is for the wedding Dress as well as for the burial shroud. Grey symbolizes the befouling honor. Antique-pink shall express washed-out blood (because blood is hard to wash out).

The flounces in front of the ruff based on the 16th century represent the inappropriateness.

The barb wire shall reflect the received violations/injuries of women as well as protection.

Its duty is to cover the women and preserve her against something evil or just as a protection so that no one can hurt her or come too close.

More and more Fashion Labels are hitting on social business and clear Statements with striking prints. Sayings like "No Fish, no nothing" or "Food 4 all" slide as prints over the catwalks.

Kenzo campaigns for over-fishing the seas. Frankie Morello focuses on the starvations in developing countries and Micheal Michalsky created Front prints with the Slogan "Protest!" and centered the issue of the endangered Fauna.

Please watch my Video. I have written the script on my own. Every single actor/player has done an amazing Job for expressing this issue optimally. It is so expressive, so absolute worth having a look at it.

Script and Design: by me

"Silence" Violance against women

September 2014

drawing of canvas

Topic:"When Picasso created a painting, he has not made a five-year long plan, neither has Cardin"

Juni 2014

Subject: fashion history

Theme: spanish Fashion in Spain 1550-1600

Maria Manuela from Portugal

costume and Portfolio of drawings

Mai 2014

Subject: history of fashion

Topic: 3 D Collage / Flamenco

Subject: Illustration of fashion

Topic: business meets your style

watercolor / drawing with pencil

September 2014

Videoclip for the subject Drapage


Script and Design: by me

August 2014


Subject: Drapage

Design: Ines Güntner

Model: Ewelina Magdalena




The modern Lifestyle meritocracy is Focus on glory, success and wealth, which often leads you to be trapped in your own individual hamster running wheel (vicious Loop).
The human's desire to get out of the permanent milling mill of life gets greater than before. Withal even more people bring themselves to prediction unconsciously.


You may read more about it in my booklet below the photos.

Fach: Drapage
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.9 MB

Juni 2014


Material: Sub-construction-floor heating system with T-pieces


              after it with powertex (+red pigments) colored and assured.

Mai 2014


Subject: Drapage

drafts for the new drapage


These mini drafts consist of wire and package tape