1st Semester

October to December 2013

Subject: Fashion Illustration

April 2014

term paper

Map of fashion illustration 

October to Dezember 2013

subject: draughting / technical drawing

subject: manufacturing / editing technique

topic: Rock

design: Ines Güntner

October 2013

subejct: Photography

topic: depth of focus

November 2013


Topic: copy a photo

(Original: Guy Bourdin)

December 2013

subject: Photography

topic: Portait / stage-manage yourself

January 2014

subject: Photography

topic: Streetstyle

February 2014

Subject: Photography

topic: light directions

            headlamps, fanlight, underlight, frontlighting, edge light

October 2013 to April 2014

Subject: history of Fashion

Topic: Robes of roman-antiquity + theme fitting obejct as a map = Galeere 

Model: Jenny Güntner as Livia Drusilla

Design: Ines Güntner

Hair: Ines Güntner

Make up: Jenny Güntner

October 2013 to April 2014 / from concept, making-off to presentation

Subject: Drapage 

Topic: Fashion as art with using of forms for example "rock"

Design: Ines Güntner

Model: Yi Cheng

Hair & Make up: Yi Cheng  https://www.facebook.com/YiChengMakeupartist

Fotos: Sash-Art Fotografie / Sascha Schulz https://www.facebook.com/sashart.de?fref=ts

Inspiration: Eiffel Tower and lily / The elements of Inspiration could not have been even more contrast, so I called my drapage "opposè"

1. Semester
Oppose in mp4.mp4
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