4th Semester

September 2015

Haute Couture Dress inspired by Restauration

Model: Verena Duhr

Fotographer: Snezhana von Büdingen

Design: by me

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Summer collection 2016



I was inspired the ghetto style or this oversize football clothes. They look sporty and cool and one wears partial net materials, wide, knee-length trousers, blouson, short tops etc.                       I wanted it, however, more smartly and not so oversized.

I decided to make them more posh and upscale.


Inspired by Designers like Wilson Racquet, Christopher Shonnon and Michael Kors, but also celebrities like Brian White, Eva Longoria and Rihanna.


In my collection I have taken up the sporty aspects, but in combination with other clothes they become even business-like. Maybe not necessarily in bank or on stock exchange but with an easy, plain blouse, you can match it with this skirt or this culotte and wear it at the office.

Or the dress shirts, they look extravagant to long, narrow trousers, but smartly.



I have used materials for my collection like  fake neopren, faux leather, coated PVC and polyester. I like this material, because it has a certain haptics and this spezial drop. They look actually stiff and firm, but they are pleasant to wear and very easy – to care for.


But what does happen with these material that are not compostable, not eco friendly , not green?????


Lately, lasting fashion gets more and more attention in the fashion industry.

There are designers making clothes from milk, but there is also vegan fashion made of cork and even compostable fashion.


Even six month new trends are exclaimed on Fashion Weeks, and every time a lot of remnants and cuttings are left over.


The question is also, what does happend with clothes if they aren’t trend anymore???

And you keep seeing collections with technically modified materials.

These could be upcycled.

 There are more and more Designer trying to break the throwaway- mentality.


For example, the swiss fashion label „Freitag“ they is making pockets of lorry tarp.

Or the Lable „Schmidttakahashi“ from Berlin. They dissemble old clothes in to their individual parts and create new, wearable fashion.

But upcycling solves only one part of the problem. It’s about managing resources differently, industrial material flow and most of all our consuming behaviour.


A change in thinking takes place,

but right now, upcycling is still rather small-scale.


Although H+M and C+A have started to implement upcycling,

it’s easier and cheaper to use new fabrics then reusing.

Over time though, upcycled fashion wins more and more in acceptance.

Even if the industry is working on recycling chemical fabric to produce new materials,  everyone should rethink their own consuming behaviour.


Target group


The youth was the only worthwhile life phase for a long time. It seemed to be almost a duty, to keep young as long as possible until it´s almost impossible to conserve youth anymore.

Society demonstrate more and more that you can be beautiful at every age.

The people live healthier and the consumption industry deals more and more with customers, who don’t want to constantly be told, that the best time of their lives has passed.

Because they don’t feel that way.


The border between young and mature fashion blurred.

Everybody defines his own age.

The fact that the fashion starts to change is long overdue. Because we look back at decades full of nothing but grotesque praises for the youth.

This collection is meant for people between 18 and 80.

As an outfit or single pieces at this collection in combination with other clothes, everybody should be able to express the moment of personal lifestyle


This collection is meant for going against strict conventions.

But for all that the personal and professional success comes first.

They enjoy spending their time after work with colleagues, business partners or friends in an upscale, chilled atmosphere, playing golf or tennis and finish with a good glass of wine, sophisticated conversation and pleasant lounge music.



I think the choice of the name of my collection is quite evident. It is about the change in thinking in the fashion industry, both about material and also concerning target group.



Here the clip for my collection

Script and Design: by me

August 2015

Spring/Summer collection 2016

Shootingtime :-)

Design: by me

Fotographer: Snezhana von Büdingen

Fotographer assitant: Michaela Wissing

H&M: Tanja Stiffi und Vanessa Marr

Models: Maik Kaiser, Marc Siebke, Andi Rauscher, Agnieszka Kollmeier

August 2015

Fashion illustration und technical drawings for my collection

Juli 2015

Fashion Week in Berlin

Juli 2015

I got the order to create and make outfits for the principal character for the short film "JUAN".

4. Semester

My winter collection 2015/16 by SALA TERRANA 


Juni 2015

Karl Lagerfeld - exhibition in Bonn

Mai 2015

students everyday life :-)

Subject: fashion drawing

....also that is student everyday life. :-)

We wear the clothes if the other term present their collection to the lecturer.

Mai 2015

subject: fashion drawing



winter collection 2015/2016

we present our collection

April 2015


We visited Gardeur in Mönchengladbach