About me




Studying over 40?

Yes, of course, why not?

It has always been a dream of mine and now finally I have accomplished it. Sometimes the way to your destination is hard and sometimes takes some detours, but that does not matter. The most significant fact is to keep your goals present.

My Name is Ines and I am 50 years old.

In October 2013 I started studying International Fashion Design and I can confirm, it was not an "easy A". It was a mystery tour, where you discover something new every day. Each assignment was a new challenge. Besides, I met many amazing people and got interesting impressions from their work. Studying was very time consuming, so the fact that my kids were grown up children was a tremendous relief for me.



First I have accomplished an apprenticeship as a Restaurant Management assistant and started a formation to become an Office Administrator.


I have started with sewing when I was nine years old, mainly for my dolls, later for my children and finally I had enough skills to sew for my own clothes. I received so many positive comments and lovely feedback for my work, that I decided to open an online store in 2010.

Later on, I also sold my clothes at "Hackesche Höfe" in Berlin.

But after a while, I wanted to achieve more. I have taught myself to sew, but I wanted to develop my skills further with the assistance of a professional teacher. That is the reason I had decided to go for a university formation and to really start from the beginning. But first I had to learn English, so I went to the Wall Street Institut for English and after 9 months of intensive study I thought now or never...


I have completed my graduation in July 2017


My first job after graduating was in Cambodia in 2017/18 as a lecturer and head of Modern Ethnic Design Center (MEDC). I was responsible for the training course and the projects' organization processes. Furthermore I defined the content, curriculum and schedule. I organized, assist and taught a class of 15 local designers about European trends, latest fashion trends, market research, European standards, sustainability in fashion, textile technology, pattern making, sewing, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, shooting preparation and more... In collaboration with local fabric suppliers, we developed different collections, which combined traditional Cambodian designs with European trends.

I also prepared an additional seminar series and interactive workshops on Leadership and Sales for local designer and have given presentations about sustainability, figure out fashion trends, how to create a fashion story and fostering creativity. 


My second Job after graduating was in Vietnam in 2018. I worked in Ho Chi Minh City at Quanon Co., Ltd. as a designer. I created fashion for Germany, the USA and the European market but especially for OTTO Group, Heine, Klingel, Witt and HSE 24. The main products are ladies tops and dresses, skirts and some trousers, jackets and coats. I guided a team of 3 designers to meet our target group's special requirements and needs.


I have expanded my education and knowledge of various related works and workshops such as a tailor workshop and during my internship in London.


To be innovative and well-disciplined have helped me tremendously along my path and to achieve my Diploma International Fashion Designer.

During my jobs in Asia, I got the opportunity to pass my knowledge and learned a lot about myself and different cultures. To work abroad in a team with different specification was truly inspiring. With patience and an ability to explain I overcame the language barriers. My open and thoughtful personality was helpful to meet our customers requirement. 


I am always open for new challenges.