3rd Semester

Fashion Clip for my collection "MUST HAVE"

Script and Design: by me

Booklet inclusive Lookbook

April 2015

Mood-Board for my presentation

Conception: My intention was to create a collection away from a stiff convention rather for confident and prosperous women who do not have to impress somebody, especially women who work in creative branches. First and foremost the creative branche asks for innovativeness and ingenuity. I want to create a collection which represents a woman's statement.


Theme: must have

Everybody knows it. Everyone has heard about it or has seen it. And more will follow. Fashion!

Fashion is ever present to express our wants and needs. Nowadays ecpecially fashion is a way of self expression which shall show the lifestyle.

Fashion should show orginiality and proove individuality.

The basic need to achieve attention, appreciation and to get liked by others and itself is the mainly aspect.

Fashion is a complex and social phenomeon, ist rotts areto be found in individual and collective needs.

Beyond this personal opinion to current fashion themes, induvidual personality and increased life experiences are important. Clothing ,casual or fancy, should always reflect the personal expression of life, the current mood or present dreams and visions. Thats why clothing yourself is like playing a game.



Doris Day was one of the most popular Commercial Hollywoodstars and a fashion icon in the early 1960s. She often has worn slimline cut and form fitting dresses and skirts.

She was a singer, dancer, entertainer and an actress. As in herroles and in her real life she was an independent and successful entrepreneur. Her style of dress comes back after a couple of years now and always finds new fans.



Architectural design has been inspiring for form and cut outs, which bring back the collection to the current century.



Design mode of Aigner and Schumacher use the slim and straight cuts and has been inspiring for the use of colours.


Women nowadays:

The nawadays woman does not have to dress like a man to ahieve severty and appreation. She can dress herself with anything she prefers.


Curater: D. Loveday

" Couturiers always reflect the changing role of a woman either in society or in the career only. Thats why the "Power Suit-Creations" of the 70s and 80s are out, because the female confidents expanded and have antiquated the male design structures."

Furthermore the famles fashion should always express the personal style and represent an individual touch.

Levels of the collection:

The aim of my collection is not to be fashionable or to represent individualitaty in the personal career, but also to construct a bridge connecting  the family, free time activities and the job. 

Therefore cuts were reduced on one side, but still geomatric forms and cuts provide for a sufficient dynamic.

The materials are contrary, (wool, nap, fleece, chiffon) but the colours are classy. (cream, camel, black).

The collection is for women who are looking for remarkable special mode, without getting the feeling of being disguised. 


April 2015

Cover for my fashion-drawing-folder

März 2015

Task: manufacturing of an avant-garde outfit/ inspired by Rococo

Fashion drawing / technical drawing

Photographer: Axel Wascher

H&M: Evelyn Wascher

Model: Miriam Klaff

Nouvelle Rocaille
Fertigung eines avantgardistischen Outfits
Inspiration: Rokoko
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 3.0 MB

March 2015

Here are the photos to my collection.  I added a bit more of Dynamics, by working creatively on my own photos. 

My Topic : MUST HAVE


Models: Laura Langels, Laura Heer, Miriam Klaff, Marie Krzikowski 

Photos: Axel Wascher

           edited: by me

H&M: Evelyn Wascher

Design: by me


March 2015

Waiting for the beginning „smile“-Emoticon

Models: Marie Krzikowski und Laura Langels

Photo: Axel Wascher

H&M: Evelyn Wascher

Atelier: Roman Pilgrim - pilgrim.art

Thank you so so so much to my lovely crew.
It was such a great day with all of you.!!!

Models:Laura LangelsMarie KrzikowskiMiriam KlaffLaura Heer
Photo: Axel Wascher
H&M: Evelyn Wascher - Make up & Hair Artist
Location: Roman Pilgrim - pilgrim.art
Design: by me

More photos will follow...

February 2015

At the Fashion Design Institut

finally finished the exam of Business studies and due of Fashion design😜🎉

February 2015

Subject: Fashion Design 

Task: 10 Outfits,3 of it finished

February 2015

(Just for fun)

Fashion Illustration/ Design: by me

Photo: Axel Wascher

Model: Teona Vasadze 

I wanted to add the subscriptions into my maps, so I had to cover the model's proportions.

January 2014

A little bit of Paris' magical fashion in Düsseldorf - Kenzo

January 2015

Workshop with Harun Güler

-How to produce and cut a video - here our results


Camera: Denise Niederhausen

Assistants: Faourouz, Katrin Myschliwczyk

Cut: Isabel Aust

"Model"/ Design: by me

Our first fashion show

On 27.02. 2015

For tickets just ask me or http://www.fashion-design-institut.de

Standing: 15€

Sitting: 25€

We may see each other :-)

November/ Dezember 2014

finished in March 2015

Subject: Fashion design

manufacturing / a semester folder digital designed

Subject: women / DOB

14 copics √

10 aquarelle√

4 crayons √

2 frotage√

2 fur√

2 spray technique√

2 stamp print√

5 fabrics + figurine√


Crayon/ Pencil

Water colour

ALPHA Design Marker

 Fabrics + Figurine

Stamp print



Spray technique

November 2014

The frist semster has borrowed my self-desigend costume (spanish Fashion) from my second Semester for their photography class. They took wonderful photos.


November 2014

The video escape (2. Semester) is available on the  Website of the instituion of Fashion Design now!!!!



I am so proud :-)

November 2014

(just for fun)




Design: by me


H&M: Evelyn Wascher

Photo: Axel Wascher

November 2014

Subject: Fashion design

Fashion illustrations

I scrapped all of the drafts except the dress (on the right, below) - too commercial 

New drafts - see above / January + February 2015 


December 2014

Subject: Fashion design

1. Levy 

(Work in Progress)

My grils in my outfits at our University!!! 

(Shoes, Jeans und Hat actually do not belong to it  :-) )

My canvas of the second semester does harmonise with the other artists canvas perfectly at the University.

December 2014

(just for fun)



Design: by me

Model: Cuba Vibe

H&M: Evelyn Wascher

PHoto: Axel Wascher